Russian Walls: rise and fall

12th August – 1st September
3 weeks
100800 euros
Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Suzdal and Vladimir, Ekaterinburg

School Description

Where does "city" begin? In Russia, with its vast spaces, ethnic and cultural diversity, process of urban development was long and fundamentally difficult. The specificity of historical Russian urbanization is creation of Kremlins, protected cities-fortresses, and unique forms of development of Russian living space.

In the framework of the Summer School “Russian Walls: rise and fall”, foreign students will travel from Saint Petersburg – “residence city-fortress”, to the medieval Kremlin cities of Moscow, Suzdal and Vladimir, to Ekaterinburg – “factory city-fortress”. Connections and contradictions with the surrounding landscape, the development of modern Russian urbanism, and derivation of the concept of civil society and identity from the urban community - these and other topics are to be analyzed on the way with help of knowledgeable University professors and guides.

City of arrival
Saint Petersburg, recommended days of arrival – August 9-11, 2019
City of departure

Ekaterinburg, recommended days of departure – September 1-2, 2019.

Application deadline

12th of June 2019


We carefully handpick University teachers who will understand your goals, will work hard to build a close relationship with you and will become a great travel companion. During three weeks your teacher will be providing you with the morning language sessions. You will be studying in small groups (according to your proficiency level in Russian and the results of the entry language test) developing general Russian language skills and focusing on practical Russian grammar, expanding vocabulary and improving communication strategies. You will get modern educational materials including conversational formulas, grammar and syntax structures relevant in everyday life. Believing that communication is the key, we use dynamic teaching techniques and the latest technology to deliver motivating lessons. By the end of the course you will develop your ability to use Russian effectively in a variety of contexts as work, studies and, of course, travel.


Begin your exploration of a linkage of Russian urban history and its modern cultural images from Saint Petersburg. After you will escape the megacity and visit the atmospheric and cozy Suzdal and Vladimir. Than head to Moscow, the great capital of Russia. And, in conclusion, rich the final destination of your Russian trip and get to know the Urals - city Ekaterinburg.



Jana, Czech Republic
Jana, Czech Republic

I am from Czech Republic and that’s why it’s so important for me to know Russian: Russian is very wide-spread language among Czech citizens and nowadays it’s an absolutely essential skill for my work. I liked the Summer School provided by “Russian Studies in Real Russia” a lot! We had a very well-organized, precise and clear program of our studies and cultural activities. And the practicing and mastering of our Russian was truly intense and useful. Teachers were really great with us, and I have learned a plenty of new words here. The Summer School was a valuable experience for me, and I am sure it will help me in my future career.

Mostapha, Spain
Mostapha, Spain

I have joined the Summer School already 3 times: in 2013, 2014 and 2015! I keep coming back, because Russian culture impresses me and I am doing my best in learning it, it’s my hobby. Due to the summer camp I always find a nice multicultural company and a variety of amusing cultural events that enriches my knowledge of the country, and the Urals, in particular. Moreover, I love Ekaterinburg and know it pretty well already. People here are so kind! As soon as they find out that you are a foreigner, they become very polite and gentle with you, and try to help you with everything.

Iulian, Romania
Iulian, Romania

I got from this program even more than I expected to have! Our language teachers were very friendly, patient (!) and creative, and they gave us all the attention and support we deserve. The language course was really well-organized: we have never been bored and we challenged ourselves a lot! Cannot miss the staff of the school. Its living core, the manager Kseniia, was a best friend and even a mother to each and every student! From the first letter to her till the good-buy party she was very caring, attentive and professional. I was not nervous at all before my trip because of her assistance, and I deeply enjoyed my 3 weeks in Russia. I totally recommend the Summer School to everyone! Do Scorova!

Paola, Italy
Paola, Italy

The experience at the Summer School of the Ural Federal University was very positive for me. The school in general is organized extremely well, with its awesome lessons and excursions. This 3-week trip permitted me to discover another country in a real way and to significantly improve my Russian language.

Jarmila, Slovakia
Jarmila, Slovakia

This journey was my first visit of Russian and I really enjoyed it. We had the program for all the day, so we were never got bored. We were discovering the city every day, also at night and we had a lot of trips. The time spent with other students (now they are my good friends) and our tutor Julia was absolutely amazing. If you haven’t decided whether you want to go to this Language School or not, do not hesitate! It was worth and I will never forget it.

Patrick, Switzerland
Patrick, Switzerland
Summer-2016, 2017, Winter-2018

It was my 8th time in Russia already, I really love this country and I am certainly coming back! Despite the fact that I wasn’t a newcomer here, I need to say, that I did enjoy the Summer School and its activities very much and discovered a lot of new places and facts I didn’t know before. The Track-2 was absolutely great! Ekaterinburg, train journey, Saint-Petersburg, all the trips and excursions, organizational moments and everyday issues, fun and leisure time – all was perfectly arranged for us. Kseniia, a manager of the school, made a really enormous job and let us to have the best time in Russia.

Elena, Italy
Elena, Italy

It was my first time in Russia and I’m really happy to have chosen Ekaterinburg because it’s an example of the “real Russia style”. I enjoyed the School and the excursion and above all, I love people – they are really kind and nice.

Csaba, Hungary
Csaba, Hungary

The people of UrFU organized this course with the perfect combination or balance of professionalism and friendly atmosphere in organization! Everything was well organized, the organizers treated us as friends, and during the course we really became good friends, with participants and organizers as well. This was something what I have never experienced before, and for what it was far the best of the four summer universities in my life so far.


Fee: 100800 rub


  • Russian language tuition in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, and Ekaterinburg ;
  • Learning materials;
  • Breakfasts and staying in the comfortable Hostels in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Vladimir, Suzdal, and Ekaterinburg during the Summer Program;
  • Train tickets to the branded trains for destinations “Saint-Petersburg-Moscow” and “Moscow-Ekaterinburg”;
  • Transfers;
  • Free Internet access, printing service;
  • UrFU's certificate upon the completion.

Cultural Program includes:

  • Driving City-tours in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, and Ekaterinburg;
  • Visit to the State Hermitage Museum;
  • Peter and Paul Fortress;
  • State Museum St. Isaac’s Cathedral;
  • Guided tour of the Moscow Metro;
  • Visit to the Moscow Kremlin Museums;
  • Visit to Tretyakov Gallery;
  • 2-day trip to Vladimir and Suzdal;
  • Europe-Asia borderline;
  • Church of All Saints;
  • Ganina Yama Monastery. etc.

NOT included in the basic cost of the program:

  • airplane tickets/train tickets to/from Russia;
  • meals (lunches and dinners);
  • visa costs;
  • optional excursions;
  • souvenirs.