Russian Express: Made in the 90s

3rd February -23rd February 2020
21 days
90.000 rubles
Ekaterinburg & Kazan

School Description

The 90s was a hard labour in the modern history of Russia when the economic stagnation and deterioration occurred, where people suffered the lack of money, food, basics, high technology embodied in computers, mobile phones and the high-speed Internet. Ironically, despite all that, many Russians who grew up in the post-perestroika would assert that they had lived in the “good times”.

Participants of “Made in the 90s” will travel in time to the 90s “bad and good times” to experience the Russian of 90s: playing Tetris, SEGA, Gummi Twist, watching the 90s comedies and action films and talking to Russians who grew up and survived the 90s.

After a 3-week winter course, participants will celebrate their linguistic achievements in conquering Russian language, enjoying the unique experience by traveling to Ekaterinburg and Kazan to be exposed to the social, cultural and financial contexts of soviet Russia, 90s Russia and today’s Russia.

City of arrival
Ekaterinburg Recommended days of arrival: February 1-2, 2020.
City of departure

Kazan Recommended days of departure: February 22-23, 2020.

Application deadline

3rd of December 2019


You will join 40-hours course in Russian language with professional, amicable, open and the most active teachers of Ural Federal University -- the very place that will become the cozy home of all participants, teachers, assistants through sharing knowledge and experiences within the frames of lectures, programs, worships, tea talks and events. You will have a diversity of games and quests while learning Russian language within special spaces and places that will allow you to consolidate and effectively work out the materials and information that you will receive. For instance, one of the games will be the “Author's Quest” game in which participants show their knowledge of the Russian language and culture. Such interactive tasks will strengthen the linguistic potentials of participants in terms of their knowledge in Russian vocabulary, grammar, speaking, as well as history and culture.


We will follow the Russian Fresh track and start the Russian experience from Ekaterinburg – the true Eurasian Russian city that’s located on the borders between Europe and Asia. After Ekaterinburg, participants will conquer Kazan – the capital of Tatarstan, one of the oldest and most developed cities in Russia, which represents a harmonic combination of East and West - Christianity and Islam.

The schedule for the Program Russian Fresh: Made in the 90s (please, pay attention that the manager reserves the right to introduce changes in the excursions and lectures program



Keren, China
Keren, China

During this School I received much more than expected! One of the most memorable days for me was when we were taken to the Ekaterinburg Opera House where we enjoyed a ballet which was written in Russian and performed in Russian. For me it was very touching cultural event!

Mengmeng, China
Mengmeng, China

Two weeks in Russia were full of happiness and left me a lot of good memories. There I got a better understanding of Russia, experienced different cultures meeting international students and, of course, I learned Russian better. In addition to learning, there were a lot of excursions and activities. We visited different historical sites, the Eurasian demarcation line, and military museum. At the end of the School, there were two days of skiing and ice skating in the countryside, where we went also to the Russian sauna. It was really good - the complete relaxation marked great end of this trip. Thank you very much to the teaching and help , Ксения and Кристина, and other Russian volunteers. You have made this event unique!

Alice, Italy
Alice, Italy

I loved the mixture of Russian language courses and touristic experience, and the possibility to see Russia in winter, which is so charming and huge you can’t possibly imagine at all! I improved my language level and my teacher helped me realize what I’m good at and what I need to work on.

Matheus, Brazil
Matheus, Brazil

It is wonderful Winter School! Thanks for taking care of me and explaining everything so patiently during the application process and when in Russia. Can’t wait for the next year!

Patrick, Switzerland
Patrick, Switzerland

It was my 3rd time as a student of this School, and, as always, lessons, trips, organizational moments, fun and leisure time – all was perfectly arranged for us! Will be coming back in Summer!

Tom, China
Tom, China

Language teachers are very enthusiastic and use really effective teaching strategies! The atmosphere in the classroom was always very positive and creative with a lot of interesting content, group conversations and recognizing word contests.

Iulian, Romania
Iulian, Romania

Ekaterinburg is so different from any other Russian cities I have visited: there is no stress, no rush and plenty of things to do. I joined the Russian studies School already the second time and apart from quality education, met my friends, went to a local hockey match – “Go, Automobilist” and had so much fun during our “New Year”!

Silvia, Italy
Silvia, Italy

I want to thank the School staff for such a warm and friendly atmosphere, always ready to help and always happy to spend time with us!

Dina, China
Dina, China

We got so many beautiful moments visiting beautiful places in Ekaterinburg, playing with snow, going to the premiere of Mozart's "Magic Flute"to the Opera Theatre, making Russian Matryoshka, riding Huskies and Samoyed in the dog sleighs and experiencing the deepness and manner of another religion in the monastery. The most important thing is that the companionship of my dearest favorite Kseniia, my teacher who has not only had a profound impact on my Russian language level, but it has also inspired me so that I am determined to be as warm and cheerful as she is.


90.000 rubles


  • Accommodation in the comfortable hostels in Ekaterinburg and Kazan (from 3rd February until 23rd February);
  • Train ticket from Ekaterinburg to Kazan;
  • Breakfast in Ekaterinburg and Kazan;
  • Russian language tuition in Ekaterinburg at Ural Federal University;
  • Learning materials;
  • Workshops on Russian traditional toy, song and dance;
  • Linguistic games and quest;
  • Visa and registration support;
  • Transfer in Ekaterinburg from the airport Koltsovo / Train Station;
  • Printing service;
  • Souvenirs of the Winter School;
  • UrFU's certificate upon completion the course

The Excursion Program includes:

In Ekaterinburg

  • Square of 1905
  • Lenin’s monuments
  • The Church-on-Blood
  • Boris Yeltsin Centre
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Ural Opera Ballet Theatre
  • Soviet Lifestyle Museum
  • Border between Europe and Asia
  • Real Russian thermal springs

In Kazan

  • Kazan Kremlin
  • Volga river
  • Suyumbike Tower
  • Kul Sharif Mosque
  • Temple of All Religions
  • Kazan Arena
  • Bauman Street
  • Kazan Family Centre
  • Ministry for Agriculture and Food
  • The Cathedral of Peter and Paul
  • Chak-Chak museum
  • Annunciation Cathedral
  • Old Tatar Settlement

NOT included in the basic cost of the program:

  • airplane tickets/train tickets to/from Russia;
  • visa costs;
  • optional excursions;
  • souvenirs.