What are the Russians like?

11/12/2018 - 00:09

What are the Russians like?

Learn what Russians really are and have fun noticing these amusing features during your Russian trip!

1. Modern Russian cuisine — sushi and pizza

It is true, we love both of these sooo much! In every average city you will find a plenty of “sushi + pizza” delivery companies and take away restaurants. It is a weird mix, indeed, but it’s extremely popular. You know what else is weird (but actually tasty)? The way we have “russified” both of these! Only in Russia you will try sushi with beef, chicken or apple, and pizza with mayonnaise, mustard and pickles. Go, gourmets!

2. Girls only

Just because “tovarish” and “grazdanka” do not suit us anymore, and there is no other way to address a female stranger in modern Russian language, all women in Russia remain girls (devushki) forever. Whether your female counterpart is 60-years old check-taker in the bus or a young waitress in a bar, “devushka” is the only way to go.

3. Yes, check-takers are everywhere

This moment could be strange for the European readers only – you, guys, used to have an automatic validator in transport, but not the actual person who sells and controls tickets. Well, in Russia it is a full-fledged profession, so do not be afraid of someone approaching you with a rigorous question: “Bilet est?” (Have a ticket?).

4. Bag with bags

Being a guest of your Russian friends you may notice a strange “bubble” in their kitchen – a bag full of other bags. Do not laugh, it’s an important strategic reserve. This is the way every self-respectful Russian stays aware of each situation when a bag is immediately required and tries to reduce his shopping spending a bit (honestly, we are not sure, it works)

5. Bag with medicines (HUGE bag with medicines)

One cannot be called Russian if they don’t hide an enormous bag of various medicines in their cupboard. Just in case, just to be sure, just because grandma did. Some of these bags sit in the cupboards forever – just cluttering space. Some of them even get to see the world and travel with their possessors on business trips and vacations (cluttering the bag, to be sure). But after all, we still think it’s a helpful habit and we will always help you out with some stomach pills and a patch.

6. No queue – no fun

This is a Soviet Union relict which our parents saved and which has been genetically transmitted to younger Russians. We can’t help avoiding queues! We recklessly fall into every possible queue on our way and excitedly wait for our turn. The very first example you are to see is in the airport (on your way to

Russia or back): first people to stay in the line near the gate will be Russians (even if it is 30 minutes before boarding).

7. We love smiles (even if we don’t show)

This is our favorite feature above all, because this is what we really are))))) Yes, Russians adore emoticons and use them a lot in their informal (and sometimes even formal) digital communication. Especially round brackets are important))) Their presence or absence will earnestly help you to make decisions while in Russia. For example, choosing between two invitations: “Come to my birthday, it will be a lot of fun” and “ Come to my birthday, it will be a lot of fun)))))”, now you definitely know which one will be funnier.

8. New Year wins

In Russia, the New Year celebration beats the Christmas one by all means! We prepare for the New Year night longer, we eat more, and we stay up later. And, the most crucial thing, we give and receive our gifts on 31st of December night. So, do not be surprised, if your Russian friend will seem strangely overexcited about the New Year instead of Christmas, we all do.

9. Free Coffee Schedule

Russian having a cup of coffee is usually a heartbreaking scene for foreigners. We do not have a precise timing and culture like Italians (coffee in the morning, short espresso after lunch or dinner, no milk after midday etc). We can easily enjoy cappuccino before eating our beloved sushi or after a plate of a hot soup. We definitely ignore the normal size of the cup as well – Russian-style today is half-liter coffee-latte. And we do love take-away coffee even during the late evening walk.

10. Bare feet, indeed

There’s no Russian in a whole country who would walk at home with his shoes on. Weather and traditions spread this habit to absolutely everyone. So, no worries, if your Russian friend asks you to take off your shoes, be sure, the floor is clear.

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