Ekaterinburg for Savers

11/12/2018 - 00:54

1. To keep yourself fit

Open courts in Pavlik Morozov park are in the closest distance to your living — just behind the UrFU building for natural sciences. In this park you can enjoy playing mini-football and basketball on rubber ground, badminton or skating till the very late at night: you’ll only need to find the sports equipment before. Or you can go jogging there and use the workout ground. It may be a bit underavailable in summer, though, because the courts are often used by the students of the nearest college, but you can friendly offer them a game together.

Location: in-between Belinskogo and Lunacharskogo streets.

2. For sport lovers

It’s too hot to play outdoors? Chill in DIVS-hall watching a WNBA-star Brittney Griner playing basketball for UMMC team or check out the local football club Ural. Ekaterinburg is also known for being fond of volleyball, not least because of the President Yeltsin’s love for it and the successful women’s team “Uralochka”. The entrance for their game is often free and you don’t have to worry about meeting drunk and aggressive fans there. To check on free entrance for other games — visit divsport.ru

Location: Olimpiyskaya naberezhnaya 3, near the Dinamo metro station.

3. For leisure time outdoors

Free summer day? Explore the Mayakovski-park and enjoy its typical soviet romantic atmosphere and “Girl with a paddle” sculptures. What you get is free-reading tents, ice-cream and marry-go-round wind. Take a ride on the observation wheel or go to the creepy “Ghost’s castle” or to the funny “Fairytale townlet” – it will cost around RUB 250.

Advice: You can save up to 50-80 roubles buying ice-cream outside of the park, in the nearest supermarket or kiosk. You can find the list of events on park-cpkio.ru

Location: the main entrance is before the “CPKiO” tram-station.

4. To conquer the museums

The biggest and the best part of our museums are financed by the state money, and they have price reductions for students (e.g. RUB 80 instead of RUB 100 or 150), or even free entrance. That must also work for foreign students, having UrFU documents. ISIC or IYTC cards aren’t necessarily accepted in the state museums in Ekaterinburg, but bring them if you have — in any case such a card wouldn’t be amiss in other places (cafes and shops) and in other Russian cities.

The biggest museum association here is the “Sverdlovsk museum of local lore” (uole-museum.ru) with its 16 building in Ekaterinburg and the region, giving the fullest picture of life in the Urals. So let us start with it and also list the most important museums, according to our view:

1. Museum Of Ural History And Archaeology will guide you through the darkest and oldest times, and show you the most ancient wooden sculpture in the world - Shigir Idol.

Location: Lenina 69/10 (part of “Gorodok chekistov”). Guided tour – RUB 950, Shigir Idol room – RUB 100, the rest (with the fish-skin garment, for example) should be freely accessible for students.

2. The Mansion Of The Poklevskih-Kozell will allow you to see the level of aristocratic life of 19th century Ekaterinburg.

Location: Malyisheva 46. Guided tour – RUB 400-600, entrance for students is free.

3. The Museum Of Ernst Neizvestny (Ernst Unknown) will tell you the story of this Soviet-American sculptor and his art in a multimedia way.

Location: Dobrolyubova 14, Guided tour – RUB 300-600, the entrance is free and audio or video guides are RUB 100-150.

4. The Ural Centre Of Contemporary Art is for those, who is open for uncommon, non-traditional ways of artistic self-expression. By the way, the centre has the court where open-air cinema-festivals, garage markets and parties are held. www.ncca.ru/ekaterinburg

Location: Dobrolyubova 19a, students – RUB 100.

5. Alvitr Gallery is the place where modern art can be bought for several hundred euro, but we can also just stare a bit… www.instagram.com/alvitrgallery

Location: Belinskogo 32, for free.

6. Nevyansk Icon Museum is the private collection of the Ekaterinburg Mayor, containing old items of Nevyansk icon-painting school. Art-bird gallery with the traditional and modern Ural art is in the same building.

Location: Engelsa 15, for free.

7. Museum Of Stone Cutting And Jewellery-Art is MUST-see for every visitor of the Urals! It demonstrates the masterpieces of original Ural crafts. mikji.ru

Location: Lenina 37 (former pharmacy of Mining administration and a classicism example), guided tour – RUB 800, entrance for students – RUB 100.

8. Centre of traditional folk culture of the Middle Urals exhibits traditional clothing and handicraft articles and organises many entertaining workshops. uraltradicia.ru

Location: Chapaeva 10 (19th century manor), guided tour – RUB 450, entrance for students – RUB 80, photos – RUB 70.

Please remember, that museums are often closed on Mondays – you need to check opening times. It’s also usual, that you can only pay cash there.

5. For intellectuals

- Belinsky-library has broadened its scope, and now not only gives the books to read, but also organizes free film and speaking clubs (English, French, German, sometimes Swedish or Czech), lectures, exhibitions, and music evenings, which you can freely enjoy without a library pass – you only need to have an identity card.

FOR HAVING A LIBRARY PASS and taking the books: come with your identity card, temporary residential registration and RUB 150-450 (depends on how many reading-halls you want to take the books from).

Location: Belinskogo 15. book.uraic.ru

- A modern and shining Yeltsin-centre was erected as a presidential museum, and became, as one my fellow said, a “real university and home”. What is so special about it? Its leftie atmosphere attracts youth: the museum, the art-gallery, the book shop with art albums, the platform for philosophical discussions, the film club and the platform for fashionable speakers… The Yeltsin centre puts politically burning issues under the lens of justice greedy eyes and conveys the Zeitgeist through hundreds of opinions. Worth visiting!

Location: Borisa Yeltsina 3a, museum + art-gallery – 250, wide offer of guided tours and an audio guide. www.yeltsin.ru

6. Film! Film! Film!

If you’re rather visual type and tired of running from museum to museum – improve your language by watching movies in Russian! (or if you’re really tired of learning, you can surely find movies in other languages) In Salut cinema, the cinema house with the best choice of blockbusters and art-house films, and home of short-film festivals, many movies are shown only for RUB 100 for students on Wednesdays.

Location: Tolmacheva 12. kinosalut.ru

7. For theatre lovers

Let’s not forget about amateur theatres. You need to clarify and update the information in summer, but these theatres have usually longer seasons and don’t close as state theatres. And the entrance is free (you’ll only be asked to donate some money, in any case less, than you’ll give for a ticket in the state theatre).

My favourite theatre is close to your dorm – it’s called Galyorka. Last time I watched “Goodbye, Berlin!” based on “Tschik” by Wolfgang Herrndorf, and though there were almost no proper decorations, very young actors were spouting with pure energy! Simply amazing!

Location: Dekabristov 16/18z (з). galerka.net

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