Russian's in the air

You study in the biggest University of the Ural region
The organizer of the Winter School "Russian Fresh"— UrFU (Ural Federal University)
The year of foundation: 1920
There are 35 000 students currently receiving education at UrFU
Foreign students: 2 000 from 80 countries
Professors: 4 000
Alumni: 360 000
Educational Programs (Bachelor, Master and Doctoral): 400
Great team of Russian volunteer students
Welcome-party-2015 for foreign students
Your teacher speaks Russian in the class
Extra-curriculum activity with the manager of the Summer School – fun linguistic game “Poligraf”
Learning is fun with elements of Russian Literature and Folklore
Russian fairy tales and traditional songs and poems are always a great tool in learning Russian language and an important part of the Russian Studies. In some of your classes you'll learn by playing, active engagement and fun drama exercises!
Clara, Loredana and Arianna are making a comic scene in Russian language
Practice Russian by speaking Russian with citizens of Ekaterinburg
Did you think, the life in Ekaterinburg is the same as in Moscow? It’s not Moscow, my friend! You are coming to the heart of Urals and exploring the Real Russia! Ekaterinburg is a truly modern, well-developed area of Russia and a comfortable, safe and friendly place for living.
Naturally, even if they may know foreign languages, and many of them do, city life goes in Russian. So be courageous and be ready to have an extended linguistic practice everywhere – in a supermarket, in a bus, in a cinema… Have two weeks of an extensive communication and develop you speaking skills and vocabulary.
Tom and Christopher from Germany are reading a Russian newspaper after the lectures
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Do not be scared of Russian Winter!
They say winter in Russia is severe, icy and long…Actually, life in Russia in winter is not as unbearable as it seems to be. An average temperature is minus 5 -15 degrees Celsius. With “Russian Fresh”, winter is warm and exciting!
*Please, take with you featherbed, warm hat and mittens anyway

The Program

Program title: “Russian Fresh”
The duration of the course: 40 hours of Russian as a foreign language within 2 weeks, for students with different levels - from A1 to C1
Location: Ekaterinburg, Russia
Dates:26th of December (arrival day) till 8-9th of January (departure days)
Accommodation: in the new comfortable quadruple rooms of the Hostel “Live” + 4 days in the countryside cottage for the New Year Fest!
*in case if you prefer staying in a single or double room or have any other particular requests, kindly contact Kseniia, the manager of the School, and you will be assisted with alternative options
Meals: included
Credit points (ECTS):4

Cost: 700 euro

Education 300 euro, accommodation 250 euro, meals & excursions 150 euro
120 euro must be paid in advance and are not refundable.
Excursions included into the Program:
A visit of Europe-Asia borderline
Guided tour to the Museum of Fine Arts
Optional tours:
The Romanov's Monastery
A visit of the skyscraper “Vysotsky”, the second tallest building in Russia outside Moscow
Day Trip to Nevyansk
Entertainment included:
New Year Celebration
Russian Christmas Celebration
Traditional activities such as banya, divination, ice-skating and workshops on Russian traditional toys, sing and dance
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The Hostel “Live”
located in the center of Ekaterinburg;
less than 15 minute walk from the University;
close to city shopping malls, cafes, restaurants and business venues;
modern, just renovated quadruple rooms;
bathroom facilities for every quad room;
big kitchen with all necessary equipment and kitchenware;
*in case if you prefer staying in a single or double room or have any other particular requests, kindly contact Kseniia, the manager of the School, and learn about the additional options.
Countryside cottage
Comfortable wooden houses with all necessary facilities
Surrounded by pine trees forest
Ice rink
Russia Banya

Getting to know each other

Hello, I am Kseniia Tcypliakova, I’m the manager of the Russian Studies summer and winter schools for foreign students at the Ural Federal University. I am aware that a trip to Russia is a serious and complicated project and a long way to go, indeed. And my main goal is to help you to organize your Russian Adventure in the best and easiest way possible! I’m here to answer your questions and to provide you with necessary detailed information about the documents required for your invitation and visa. Do not hesitate to contact me, I’m open and responsible and I will be really happy to welcome you in Russia!
Address me via Skype to get acquainted, and I'll make your trip to Russia simple and enjoyable.
Just fill in the application form, and I will immediately contact you. See you soon!
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Safe and well-organized Christmas holidays in Ekaterinburg (FAQ)

Pre-arrival support
We’ll provide you with the detailed description of every aspect of your trip to and stay in Russia. We’ll assist you on every step along the way.
Visa application
We’ll issue a personal student invitation for you and send you the information required for the visa application in your country.

If you are a European citizen:
  • Invitation issue – 3-5 days
  • Visa issue – 2-3 weeks
  • International passport issue (in case you don’t have one) – 1 month
If you are not a European citizen:
  • Invitation issue – 1.5-2 month
  • Visa issue – 2-3 weeks
  • International passport issue (in case you don’t have one) – 1 month
When in Ekaterinburg
No worries, you will not be left alone upon your arrival to Ekaterinburg! We care about you! The representative of the UrFU will pick you up at the airport with a comfortable car, drive you to the hostel and help you with the check-in. Our team of Russian volunteers will help you with solving everyday issues (changing moneys, registration, buying Russian SIM card, getting to know the new city) and will accompany you to the University and back.
App 2GIS in 9 languages.
Russian volunteers will be with you almost all the time! But even without them you will not get lost: just download 2GIS app on your phone. 2GIS is 3D detailed map of Ekaterinburg, which
  • shows your exact location
  • can be used even when you are offline
  • helps you to choose right transport
  • creates a route for you
Accommodation booking

UrFU on the map

The Winter School “Russian Fresh” is provided by Ural Federal University
620002, Ekaterinburg, Mira Street, 19
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